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Finding My First Sponsorship

Finding My First Sponsorship

Having achieved a following of 5,000 on TikTok, I’m now eager to initiate contact with companies for potential sponsorships.

Up until now, my experience has been with creators who were approached by companies. This marks my first proactive step in reaching out to a company myself.

I view this as a learning opportunity, a study in outreach strategy. My goal is to refine and enhance this process, enabling me to extend these services to the creators I collaborate with.

In pursuing this venture, it was crucial for me to identify an endeavor that I am passionate about, one that would not only address a need within my business but also assist another company in tapping into a new market segment.

I envisioned this project as having a lasting impact, one that would be actively promoted for many years.

In my initial communication, I extended a substantial offer. My aim was to provide significant value and demonstrate to the company I approached the mutual benefits of a collaboration.

I acknowledge that my approach may have been somewhat excessive, but as this was my initial foray into such a venture, I was inclined to reinforce it thoroughly to enhance its chances of success.

This is the initial letter I sent to

I am a 3d Printer and Maker deeply entrenched in the Maker Space. I promote my own channels but also work as Executive Producer for Filament Stories.  In addition, I assist several other larger creators with a variety management functions.  I work in partnership with each creator, opening doors to new opportunities with companies, as well as other creators.

I can utilize my extensive connections in the 3D printing community to expose your company to an entirely different group of creators.

I work with Social Media Talents, Designers, Architects, and have been building a maker community that I believe could benefit from your products.

My concept is simple.  The MAGNUS Pro XL would be the centerpiece for redesign of my workspace studio. It would serve as inspiration both aesthetically and as a point of reference in content I create throughout the redesign process.  The MAGNUS Pro XL would be ideal to accentuate the design theme of my steampunk/cyberpunk fusion.

In exchange for an evaluation model of the MAGNUS Pro XL, I would commit to putting the desk together live on TikTok and start the process of reworking my space. I would purchase accessories from you and showcase the ordering, receiving and tech support you provide. If any issues arise, I would work with your support team to find a resolution.  At the end of the redesign project, I will create a long form video in which the desk is shown as the inspiration and centerpiece of the workspace.  I would be glad to expound on the project plans should you be interested. 

During a period of six months after the desk has been assembled and placed in my studio, I will rename the studio “The Secretlab Studio”.  During that period the desk and/or name of the studio will be mentioned in two shorts per week as well as two live shows per week. I will also show it off during my live show with Filament Stories and other creators as those lives occur.

I am very enthusiastic about the possibility of collaborating with SecretLabs and hearing your ideas. I believe I can create a space that not only inspires but also embodies the innovative spirit of SecretLabs.

Project Details: